conviction circle

Maham Rehman in collaboration with MyUmmah and York Region Muslims is delivering a nine week discussion circles  module on theology, seerah, law, history, spirituality and contemporary issues based on the work of Dr. Omar Suleiman and the Yaqeen Institute of Islamic Research.

There are 8-12 modules. Maham, a 4th year Western University student, will facilitate the discussion circles.

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Dates: Thursdays, June 18th- August 13th.

Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Participants: Women only

*Discussion Kit 1.4: Islam is Not the Cause of Honor Killings*
Discussion Kit four explores the role and history of honor killings in Muslim societies. Learn more about the origins of this condemned practice and discuss why violence against women is a universal problem that needs to be addressed.